this is what makes us sisters

ok ok thanks for worrying but I am ok! I know it was too much to do this weekend and Cindy had me rest and then Shelly and Cindy yelled at me to sit down and put my feet up! I just can't stand my house a mess, I gotta vaccuum and scrub the toilets or else it won't get done. And if I have people at my house I have to entertain them ya know!

I am starting to let a little more slack as I am feeling my limits more and more but don't worry about me I will manage as I always do. This is what makes us sisters tho truly you and I worrying about this stuff from over 1000 miles away that only very few people see right in front of their eyes every day!! I do hate sounding like my mother and vowed as a kid I would never say this and now I say it at least once a day to myself "A woman's work is never done!"

Now let me address something else just as important...seriously I know you miss your kiddies but move further away from me? I have been trying to get you to move to FL for like at least 20 years and now you wanna move further away then NC? Come on you think you can handle snow again? HAH doubt it!



My big sis is out for the day...working hard on a baby shower for one of her friends. I'm glad she gets Fridays off, but MAN I miss talking to her throughout the day. She's such a giving sweet person, and does so much for others. I worry about her doing so much now that she's preggers...but I know her and Jr. will be alright ;-)

Talked to my little bundles this morning, Lydia and Sam. I was just there last week and miss them SO much! I think about moving back every day....

I know my big sis will be happy! I posted something on the blog! Love you!


MR King DB strikes again...really?

My momma always said do not throw stones well well well that mom of mine was brilliant! Really in all sincerity I totally see this douchebag doing this. HUH "not having a midlife crisis!" MY ass you aren't Jon!
AND Really who hires a 23 yr old bar shooter girl to babysit their kids? Is she also an R.N. or something? LOSER...anyone...anyone...???


Its Been Crazy!

Sorry for the delay lil sis, as you know its been a little crazy around here! I miss u already and its only been two days since we talked last! Hope your drive to NY was good. I am sure the little ones gave you great big hugs to make up for the drive anyway!

Well for our reading public I'd like to share the crazy good news...its official...I am finally gonna be a Momma!!
Whew! Anywho I am sure I have already officially turned into one of those people I used to hate! Always talking about me me me and my pregnancy!! Well its been a long journey to get to this point and as my lil sis can attest there is no explanation needed for family but for those of you who don't know me, please take it at my word, its been a long road!
See even my writing is ridiculous...could I possibly use any more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!
I am very happy, a little overwhelmed ok a lOT overwhelmed but there is no turning back now.
I promise to keep you "informed" and not to overindulge. I know I can keep this promise because I started another blog! hahahaha so
When I feel I need to talk about it-I will just write it on my other blog so as not to bore those of you who are more interested in us 30 Somethings who like to bitch about douchebag jon gosselin or exclaim we just read the best book ever or complain about our jobs, etc., etc., etc. ya know keepin it real with our real live BS~


T minus 2 days........

Cannot wait to leave on Wednesday morning for my vacay. I miss the kids and haven't even met Noah yet!!!


Sigh...another Monday...

I often feel like all I do is wish my time away. I wish it was was 4:00, I wish it was Friday....I wish I was on vacation...I wish I was back in NC. Why do we do that, readers? Why wish our lives away? Every day is a gift. Let's try to remember that and treat our time accordingly.



Ever feel like its one of those days just totally wasted because you have spent its entirety waiting..from the first thing in the morning till the wee hours of the eve?
...waiting for the alarm to buzz...waiting for the keurig to freakin pour...waiting for the shower water to get hot...waiting for the dog to you know what...waiting for the internet connection...waiting for the oven to preheat...waiting for the weather report...waiting for a phone call...waiting for a plane to land...waiting for a reply to an e-mail...and more waiting for the phone to ring...waiting for the icemaker to make more ice...waiting for the steam mop...waiting for the lawn guy to finish mowing so the plants can be watered...waiting for the dryer to complete its cycle only to wait some more after loaded with the stuff from the washer...waiting for the husband to come home from his stupid business trip (yes was waiting for the flight status web page too)...waiting for the stick to show two clear lines (whatever the result)...waiting for the dogs to finish dinner...waiting for the news to get to the good stuff...waiting for the sun to set so at least you went to bed after the sun has set...waiting for tomorrow...only to wait some more. good eve


Expecting Words

New site I foudn I love -Laurie Puhn is hilarious a lil like Heather Armstron and Rebecca Eckler but well i think a little more like me! esp read this one and LS you get to learn more of this freakin language! like TTC?! Its a blog for expecting couples with such funny stories and kewl news! Pls read this and you will understand what your big sis has been expriencing the last couple yrs!

Have you seen this?

Seriously hilarious but may work!!!!!