Its Been Crazy!

Sorry for the delay lil sis, as you know its been a little crazy around here! I miss u already and its only been two days since we talked last! Hope your drive to NY was good. I am sure the little ones gave you great big hugs to make up for the drive anyway!

Well for our reading public I'd like to share the crazy good news...its official...I am finally gonna be a Momma!!
Whew! Anywho I am sure I have already officially turned into one of those people I used to hate! Always talking about me me me and my pregnancy!! Well its been a long journey to get to this point and as my lil sis can attest there is no explanation needed for family but for those of you who don't know me, please take it at my word, its been a long road!
See even my writing is ridiculous...could I possibly use any more exclamation points!!!!!!!!!
I am very happy, a little overwhelmed ok a lOT overwhelmed but there is no turning back now.
I promise to keep you "informed" and not to overindulge. I know I can keep this promise because I started another blog! hahahaha so
When I feel I need to talk about it-I will just write it on my other blog so as not to bore those of you who are more interested in us 30 Somethings who like to bitch about douchebag jon gosselin or exclaim we just read the best book ever or complain about our jobs, etc., etc., etc. ya know keepin it real with our real live BS~

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