Sigh...another Monday...

I often feel like all I do is wish my time away. I wish it was was 4:00, I wish it was Friday....I wish I was on vacation...I wish I was back in NC. Why do we do that, readers? Why wish our lives away? Every day is a gift. Let's try to remember that and treat our time accordingly.



Ever feel like its one of those days just totally wasted because you have spent its entirety waiting..from the first thing in the morning till the wee hours of the eve?
...waiting for the alarm to buzz...waiting for the keurig to freakin pour...waiting for the shower water to get hot...waiting for the dog to you know what...waiting for the internet connection...waiting for the oven to preheat...waiting for the weather report...waiting for a phone call...waiting for a plane to land...waiting for a reply to an e-mail...and more waiting for the phone to ring...waiting for the icemaker to make more ice...waiting for the steam mop...waiting for the lawn guy to finish mowing so the plants can be watered...waiting for the dryer to complete its cycle only to wait some more after loaded with the stuff from the washer...waiting for the husband to come home from his stupid business trip (yes was waiting for the flight status web page too)...waiting for the stick to show two clear lines (whatever the result)...waiting for the dogs to finish dinner...waiting for the news to get to the good stuff...waiting for the sun to set so at least you went to bed after the sun has set...waiting for tomorrow...only to wait some more. good eve


Expecting Words

New site I foudn I love -Laurie Puhn is hilarious a lil like Heather Armstron and Rebecca Eckler but well i think a little more like me! esp read this one and LS you get to learn more of this freakin language! like TTC?! Its a blog for expecting couples with such funny stories and kewl news! Pls read this and you will understand what your big sis has been expriencing the last couple yrs!

Have you seen this?

Seriously hilarious but may work!!!!!

Who's To Blame Beotches?!

OMG! Really Jon come on! I mean I want every single person who told me (Male and Female) when the divorce announcement was made that Kate is a bitch and drove Jon to this-to step back and swallow. Really? Who's to blame? Really? Did u see who his best bud is now? Great father example. Why does everyone keep saying Jon is a great dad?! Are they serious? WTF?!
Even when he is with the kids he's totally stoned and on his cell!
And not to mention I really hope us fans can support Kate who is doing a fantastic job of shielding her kids from all of this BS. I mean afterall who was/is the one who always goes to the front gate for autographs? Yeah exactly its not Kate...ever!
PS I can not believe this has got me so upset to this day and that I am so consumed with these people's lives-really I am tho! God Bless Kate and her 8!

Now he's hangin' with Lohan's dad?!?!

Now he's hanging out with Lindsay Lohan's father...who's blaming Kate for not allowing Jon to spend time with his own kids. WTF?!?! You don't see Kate running around like a teenager.



Yet another reason we agree Kate's taken the high road

yeah if wearing the ring doesnt help her in court this certainly will!
Team Kate fans check this out: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2009/07/21/hailey-glassman-bong/
classy jon real classy!

True Dat!

UGHHH! but honestly u and i always talked about it but then it was like "when we get married" and those conversations seemed so far away! yeah that's why i love u lil sis! So when the time comes you gotta read Rebecca Eckler sp? "Knocked Up" Freakin hilarious and why aren't more women besides Hollywood scheduling C-sections? BTW she had perfedctly healthy babay and evey once in awhile had a smoke!!! hahahaha

U want me to do what?

Seriously LS this ovulation thing is freakin crazy complicated and so wierd! I am just sticking to those sticks u pee on and counting out from my PD (period date) oh yeah have i mentioned there's this whole language to learn when trying to make a baby BD (lovingly also known as baby dance)! No wonder people always screwed up and just gave in to the moment! I mean really the book of helpful hints from my doctor wants me to check my mucus FROM DOWN THERE?!?! yuck really i am 34 years old but dude there has gotta be a better way AND u think I remember to take my temperature every morning? JEESH you are lucky I remember to brush my teeth. and then there is that book u and i found at the used bookstore about How to choose the sex of your baby or whatever the title is-dude some stuff was interesting i will give it that really...but some of it is so grossss! Is this all just an inkling of how nasty 9 months and childbirth are????? I am scared...ask your sis-i-l ;)

What is he thinking? My husband not King DB JG!

Seriously, no matter how broke we are, does my husband honestly think I won't spend even 30 bucks on his bday? He says no presents. I say so what u mean is keep it under $100? and he says, no, so I say keep it under $50 bucks? and he says no, so then I say well what about $30? URGH What a loser! Really every year we go away for his birthday on our summer vacate like Costa Rica, even Hawaii but last year we didn't because of the house remodel so this year we are still broke and I was out of a job for so long and twice at that but I have to get him something right? I mean come on....a filet knife is 20 bucks?!?! What you think LS?

Jon "The Pig" Gosselin

Is this all he has to do??? Every day I get more and more pissed about him...



My babies! (Alanna's)

Look who's got alien eyes! Alanna's pups Maya, the coonhound mutt (5yrs.) and Hudson the Yellow Lab (14yrs.)! ;)

King DB strikes again...

Really...WTF is this girl thinking?? And don't even get me started on him!


Your boyfriend.....

When you coming back to visit me, Aunt Alanna? I miss snuggling with you!

Have you seen this??


What's your take??

Girlfriends Confidential

Hey u there? What like u r busy working or something?