Who's To Blame Beotches?!

OMG! Really Jon come on! I mean I want every single person who told me (Male and Female) when the divorce announcement was made that Kate is a bitch and drove Jon to this-to step back and swallow. Really? Who's to blame? Really? Did u see who his best bud is now? Great father example. Why does everyone keep saying Jon is a great dad?! Are they serious? WTF?!
Even when he is with the kids he's totally stoned and on his cell!
And not to mention I really hope us fans can support Kate who is doing a fantastic job of shielding her kids from all of this BS. I mean afterall who was/is the one who always goes to the front gate for autographs? Yeah exactly its not Kate...ever!
PS I can not believe this has got me so upset to this day and that I am so consumed with these people's lives-really I am tho! God Bless Kate and her 8!

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