U want me to do what?

Seriously LS this ovulation thing is freakin crazy complicated and so wierd! I am just sticking to those sticks u pee on and counting out from my PD (period date) oh yeah have i mentioned there's this whole language to learn when trying to make a baby BD (lovingly also known as baby dance)! No wonder people always screwed up and just gave in to the moment! I mean really the book of helpful hints from my doctor wants me to check my mucus FROM DOWN THERE?!?! yuck really i am 34 years old but dude there has gotta be a better way AND u think I remember to take my temperature every morning? JEESH you are lucky I remember to brush my teeth. and then there is that book u and i found at the used bookstore about How to choose the sex of your baby or whatever the title is-dude some stuff was interesting i will give it that really...but some of it is so grossss! Is this all just an inkling of how nasty 9 months and childbirth are????? I am scared...ask your sis-i-l ;)

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  1. Yeah, I don't really want to know the gross stuff; that's why I don't have my own babies. I'm basically a 1950s husband when it comes to babies...I'll wait in the lobby for them to be born, then hand out cigars! Of course, for you, I might be willing to bend that rule! You're doing all the right things...just keep it up and keep positive! It will happen when it's supposed to!