What is he thinking? My husband not King DB JG!

Seriously, no matter how broke we are, does my husband honestly think I won't spend even 30 bucks on his bday? He says no presents. I say so what u mean is keep it under $100? and he says, no, so I say keep it under $50 bucks? and he says no, so then I say well what about $30? URGH What a loser! Really every year we go away for his birthday on our summer vacate like Costa Rica, even Hawaii but last year we didn't because of the house remodel so this year we are still broke and I was out of a job for so long and twice at that but I have to get him something right? I mean come on....a filet knife is 20 bucks?!?! What you think LS?


  1. Get him the filet knife and tell him you've had since Christmas!!

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  3. hahaha u r 2 funny sounds like coming from a woman who has been married for years! seriously!